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Winter White

Happy Saturday, Glammies! Let’s break some rules, shall we? We’re all familiar with ‘No White After Labor Day’ – it’s one of those fashion sayings that has always been there for some reason. I wanted to look into it and figure out how this nonsense became such a popular rule.

“It turns out that the origin of this peculiar fashion faux-pas actually began in the early 1900s when wearing white meant that you were not only fashionable AF, but rich enough to buy clothing that made you sweat as little as possible in the scorching summer sun. After the Depression, however, the poor – who couldn’t afford white before – began to make enough money to become the infamous “suburban middle-class,” which meant that they could finally afford to strut their stuff in white as well. Enter the “no white after Labor Day” rule. If you were in-the-know, you followed it. If you didn’t, you were clearly not upper class.” source: cambio.com

Well now that’s a load of crap, isn’t it! While I do believe in some fashion rules, certain ones – like this one – just have to go. Winter white is definitely a thing and looks so fresh against the cold winter air. I especially love this dress, by Rachel Pally (made famous by Kim and Kourtney Kardashian). The fabric is thick, a bit heavy, and not once ounce of sheer. If you’re a fashion girl, you know how nearly impossible it is to find a white dress that isn’t sheer! I’m wearing a 1x (14/16) and it’s absolutely perfect. This one in particular is suited for my tall babes – I’m 5’6 – and look at the fabric pooling around my feet!

What are your favorite fashion rules to break? I think I’ll be wearing white in the winter for the rest of my life!

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