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Wedding Week – The Whimsical Bride

This look is one of my favorites for Wedding Week. At heart, I am a Disney Princess, so anything remotely princess-y gets my heart racing. This dress is simple in theory, but the pleating and cascades of pearls and crystals on the shoulders make it oh-so-special. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a plus size princess bride… this is your dress.

When we set out to shoot this dress, I swear birds were chirping just a little bit louder, and the world seemed just a bit brighter. It took everything in me to not pick up the hem of my skirt and skip around. (Okay, maybe I kind of did for a little bit). This whimsical wedding dress would be perfect for a summer wedding. Can’t you just see it? Mason jars filled with tea lights hanging on tree branches illuminating the outdoor space. Roundtables covered in white linen and wildflowers at every centerpiece. The sound of Christina Perry’s ‘A Thousand Years’ would be streaming over the party like a soft pink light winding around you. Swoon-worthy.

dress c/o modcloth | shoes via payless | clutch via kate spade | necklace via tiffany’s c/o boardroom blonde photography by lemonheart

For accessories, I kept it simple with a tiny blue Tiffany necklace (stolen from Jo) and a gorgeous, whimsical Kate Spade MR & MRS clutch.

I knew as soon as I saw this dress that the perfect scent to accompany it would be Chanel’s Chance in Eau Tendre. It’s delicate and airy with a hint of sweetness and innocence. Absolutely perfect.

chanel chance, eau tendre

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