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Wedding Week – The Glam Bride

I’ve been dying to share this post with you. I was married eons ago – before plus size wedding dresses were a thing – much less stylish ones. But if I were getting married now? It would be all wham, glam, thank you ma’am.

Finding this wedding dress was like winning the lottery. There it was, across the room, hanging on a clearance rack. Halston Heritage. We can all take a second to swoon. It was a designer size XL but looked pretty generous. I ran to try it on and wouldn’t you know, it fit like a dream. Long with a slit up the front and a cut-out in the bust area that was just the right amount of sexy. And the best part? (You’re not going to believe this!) It was marked down from $495 to $50. FIFTY DOLLARS!!! I couldn’t believe it! So you can bet I ran to the register and happily handed over my debit card to make the purchase.

While we were shooting this look, the song that played in my head was Kanye’s ‘Flashing Lights’. It struck me – this dress is perfect for a New York wedding – with waiters in black and white serving the most impeccable hors d’oeuvres while everyone dances and sips on Cristal. The crystal chandelier would throw rainbows on the ceiling when the light hits it, all while bathing the room in a soft, beautiful light. Beyond the party, through the windowed wall, the lights of the city would come alive from below. Beautiful and fabulous, as if to highlight the posh affair.

This post is especially near to my heart because it has a rare appearance of Husband in it. For the glam look, he chose a navy suit – punchy, sassy and completely non-traditional. We even opted for a skinny black tie and black shoes to break all the rules in the best way possible. Ladies, if you’re looking to up the glam factor in your wedding, show your fiance this post. Navy is such a cool, unexpected twist on traditional men’s wedding attire but remains 100% appropriate.

on crystal: dress via halston heritage {similar plus, similar affordable } | shoes via valentino {similar affordable} | earrings via tory burch

on nick : navy suit via perry ellis  | shoes via calvin klein | white shirt via hugo boss | skinny tie via h&m {old, similar}

Parfum D’extase by Marchesa

thanks to lemon heart for the photos

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