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Aloha! Every day I wake up in Hawaii, I learn something about this gorgeous state. How the islands were formed, how this tree got here, how that animal migrated here, which cultures brought a part of their past to this incredible land as they settled here. And I’ve grown addicted to this non-stop flood of facts, experiences and life I’ve never seen before.

My mom would tell you that ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fairly healthy obsession with books. Collecting them, hoarding them, going back and diving in over and over again. Nothing much has changed and when I go back to the mainland, I’m bringing quite the little collection back with me. I’m going to love being able to crack them open and be transported back to this incredible place and re-live all of the culture.

co-ord set | target skirt // target top

#kona #bigisland #target #hawaii #matchingset

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