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The HD Face feat. Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Foundation

I’m a makeup junkie. An aesthetics addict. A cosmetic connoisseur, if you will. A maquillage mercenary, even! (sorry. got carried away.) My weapon of choice? Foundations and face products. I can spend hours testing different textures, finishes, formulas, sticks, liquids, mousses, powder, creams, all of it. So naturally I was thrilled when Make Up For Ever offered to send me some of their Ultra HD foundation products to try out.

Make Up For Ever is largely known for their incredible eyeshadows (and they are incredible) – but I have fallen in love with the HD foundation. I put together this super simple tutorial for you to follow – including how to use both stick AND liquid foundation for a flawless face.

* Color and Skin Notes: My skin is normal/combo with an oily t-zone. I have hormonal-based breakouts mostly on my chin, with some scarring and slight redness. I’m wearing the shade 118 (Y325) in the ULTRA HD FOUNDATION STICK and the shade 120 (Y245) in the ULTRA HD LIQUID FOUNDATION. Before I began shooting, I used my Clairsonic Mia with Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser and moisturized with Fresh’s Rose Cream.

*Best For: Not only are these products fab for everyday use, they’re especially perfect if you’re taking family photos, or if you’re a blogger or vlogger. They shine on camera.

To begin, I’m using Make Up For Ever’s Step One: Smoothing Primer. This is great for filling in pores, and generally creating a nice, smooth canvas for your foundation to glide over. Some people think primer is a luxury but I disagree; this step is non-negotiable for me.

Now that my skin is prepped, it’s time for foundation. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m using both stick and liquid – to show you how they are both very relevant products that do different things. They can be used on their own, or together.

Before I start with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick, I make sure my Beauty Blender is damp and ready to go. I’m going to be using the foundation stick in place of a concealer. I like to start with it because it’s pretty high coverage – perfect for those areas where I have scarring or stubborn redness.

I’m concentrating it mostly on my t-zone and cheeks. Bye bye uneven skin!

Blendy-blend-blend and hellooooooo almost flawless me! If you wanted to, you could definitely sheer out the coverage and blend the product all over so you’re nice and even … but I’m about to shoot for the blog! Perfection is required! My next step is to apply a thin layer of the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation so everything blends well and overall looks more airbrushed. The coverage is definitely medium and easily built up. This stands on it’s own as a foundation (just like the stick version) but I love the two together. *note: even though this foundation is relatively long lasting, I like to keep the HD Foundation Stick in my purse for on-the-go touchups – especially if I’m going to lunch where I might wipe away some of the coverage around my mouth/nose area.

Oh hey mama! Check out that skin! I certainly didn’t wake up like this, but I love how it looks!

Next, I’m moving on to eyeshadow. Taking my old MUFE Artist Kit, I’m using the NATURAL shades to create a soft, day-glam look. (My shadows are from an older kit – but this one will have everything you need and more!)

Blend until your fingers fall off! Now that my shadow is done, I’m moving back to my face and to my second-favorite part… sculpting!

I’m going to use a small Real Techniques contour brush on the sculpting side of the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo and then a Sonia Kashuk duo-fiber brush to highlight. Cue the sassy contouring face!

Once I’m all sculpted out like a Kardashian, I’m ready to set all of my makeup. I’m using the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder and a big fluffy brush. This stuff is SO finely milled that when I swish my brush around, it kicks up like smoke in the air. It’s so beautiful!

This is the secret weapon to absolutely perfect HD skin. It blurs away your pores and imperfections (not that there was much left to blur after the primer and foundation, to be honest) and just gives your face that certain *something*. Don’t forget to dramatically toss your hair while doing it. It’s a very important step in the glamification process.

SO – my skin is on point, my eyeshadow is daytime perfect, and my face is all chiseled. Now, time for the finishing touches to bring it all together: lipgloss and mascara. I’m using Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 202 (a sheer pink) and the Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara. (cue more sassy makeup-application faces).

Don’t forget to hit the top AND bottom lashes!

Voila! My HD face and dayglam look!

And here’s a quick overview of all of the MakeUp For Ever products I used in this look (some were sent to me, some are mine).


Have you tried the HD Foundation line? What do you think?

Product List:

*| MUFE Smoothing Primer *| MUFE Ultra HD Stick foundation *| MUFE Ultra HD Liquid Foundation | MUFE Nudes you Need Eyeshadows | MUFE Pro Sculpting Duo in 01 *| MUFE Plexi-Gloss in 202 *| MUFE HD Microfinish Powder | MUFE Smoky Extravagant Mascara

*I was gifted these products by Make Up For Ever – but this is not a sponsored post. 

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