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The Greatest Surprise

This blog is called ‘Sometimes Glam’ for a reason… today’s post definitely leans on the ‘glam’ side of things.

My Saturdays are somewhat of a ritual that involve me heading down to one of my favorite bakeries and picking up breakfast, then heading home to catch up on the week’s shows. I often craft outfits and hold a photoshoot for the blog on Saturdays as well and work on content for the week. This past Saturday was different. Husband had told me that we’d be celebrating my birthday a bit early this year (my actual birthday is on the 21st of September) and that Saturday was the day. I got up bright and early and was thrilled when he said we’d be hitting up the bakery for breakfast before my birthday celebration began. I happily ate my caramel macarons, Gruyere croissant and sipped my tea while prodding him for info on the plans. He remained tight-lipped. Soon after breakfast we piled back into the car, and he drove, refusing to spill any secrets. It wasn’t long before he parked at Sky Harbor (our airport) and popped the trunk. Inside sat our suitcases. I was so excited and begged him to tell me where we were going (though I didn’t much care about what the destination was), I was in shock! I didn’t find out we were heading out to Las Vegas until we got to the ticketing counter.

Crystal Coons Las Vegas Birthday Best Husband

1. my face when I finally figured out where we were going, “this guy!” 2. super excited on the flight 3. Eiffel Tower Restaurant plates 4. View from the bar 5. breaking bread at lunch 6. Nick’s incredible lamb burger 7. my delicious steak & au gratin potatoes 8. Perfect view of the Bellagio fountains 9. strip view from our lunch table

We arrived in Las Vegas a few short hours later, and he took us to lunch straight away to one of the restaurants on my to-try list, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris. The food, the views and the company were incredible. After lunch, we walked around (being sure to stop at the Bellagio conservatory, one of our favorites) and shopped a bit until it was time to head into the big secret (as if the trip and lunch weren’t enough!) tickets to Jerry Seinfeld! He was playing a limited engagement two night show at Ceasar’s Palace. Seinfeld is one of my favorite comedians, so this was, without a doubt, the most perfect gift. Larry Miller opened (and brought us to tears through our laughter) before Jerry took the stage and brought us to our knees! It was a perfect evening.

The next morning we woke up, and my amazing Husband brought us breakfast in bed. We lounged until 1PM then packed up and headed out for the last little bit of exploring and laughing before heading back home.

Crystal Coons Las Vegas Birthday Best Husband

I can’t imagine a better start to my fresh year. Best. Husband. Ever.

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