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The Best Fashion Advice, Ever.

Ahh, the LBD. The garment so loved by all women, it has its own initialism. Even despite its ridiculous popularity, there’s so much criticism surrounding it! The little black dress is often viewed as “safe”, “lazy” and “boring”.

That’s not quite how I see it.

To me, the little black dress is perfect. It’s sexy. Timeless. Sophisticated. This one from ASOS Curve has clean, flattering lines and is the perfect length. The mesh detail on the arm adds a hint of interest, taking it from a classic plus size black bodycon dress to something that’s almost futuristic. Nothing about this is boring, to me. Nothing about this says basic or blah. It says strong and powerful. Cool girl chic.

I think the words we use to describe a garment should come from how we feel when we wear it. At no point when I wore this dress did I ever feel ‘boring‘ or ‘safe‘. Which brings me to the best advice I could ever give you: when shopping, this is the only question you need to ask yourself in the dressing room.

How does this make me feel?

Fashion can transform you into anything you want – but the truth is, you need to buy into the idea first. You, on some level, need to believe that it’s in you. The strong, powerful woman you see in the mirror in your new dress? She’s deep within you, begging to come out.

My closet will always be full of black dresses, each one a fragment of the woman I am. Each one is waiting for me to call on them when I need them, like tools to help me build the life I want.

dress via asos curve {mine is sold out, check this updated version} | clutch via fashion to figure | heels via just fab {old, similar}

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