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Strass DIY: Ruby Slippers

Every person has different sides to them. I should just title these posts: “The One Where I Unleash My Inner Show Girl.” I have such a terrible obsession with all things sparkly that I swear in another life I made showgirl costumes in Vegas or something. Back in January I posted about my first go around with strassing that ended quite well. When I took on the task again, I knew I wanted to make a few changes and up my game a bit. The result was something that rivaled Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers in the most fabulous way.

What you’ll need:

  1. White, undyed satin shoes (anything from the bridal section will be perfect)

  2. Fabric dye of your choice (I went with Rose by Tulip found at Michael’s)

  3. A paintbrush

  4. Latex Gloves

  5. e6000 glue

  6. Tweezers

  7. Approximately 8,000 crystals in varying sizes. I ordered mine from Rhinestone Guy in the color Light Siam AB.

Here are the shoes in their original state.

I can not stress this enough: please do this outside, or in a well-ventilated area away from carpet and covered with old newspaper. You’ll want to follow the instructions on the dye packet ( boil the water and mix in the dye). I gave the shoes about three coats (letting them dry in between) to achieve this color.

Leave the shoes overnight to make sure they dry out completely. Now, we’re going to move on to the actual strassing. Look at your shoe and decide how you want to start. I like to begin at the heel, tracing the seams with the tiniest crystals and build in from there, going all the way around. This is where your personal preference comes into play: I like the seams traced, but you may want to go completely random with your placement. Find some images and see the different looks that can be created by different placement. Fast forward about 28 hours later, and my shoes were ready to hit the streets!

Some additional tips should you want to take this on yourself:

  1. Using a fabric shoe makes all the difference in the world. While the glue and crystals would act like a slip-n-slide on the patent leather of my previous shoes, they were pretty stuck on the satin. Ultimately, this means that I won’t have to replace crystals very often.

  2. Always, always, always order more crystals than you think you’ll need. I go into these projects anticipating I’ll need at least 8000-10,000 crystals. Yes, I have leftovers, but better to have leftovers than to be mid-project and come up short.

  3. Strassing is addicting. While it can be tedious at times, just keep your eye on the prize. And, if all else fails, hold the work you’ve done up to the light and watch it shimmer. That should get you through. Also, this would be a great time to put on that Netflix series you’ve meant to watch. Hello, Gossip Girl!

Would you try this on your own? Have you? Also — I’m itching to do another pair. What color should I do next?

Leave any questions in the comments below!

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