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Splurge on This: Skincare

Skincare worth the money

I have several loves in this world, and one of them is trying out new skincare products. With a goal of makeup-optional, glowing skin in mind, I set out on a journey to find products that not only deliver, but deliver fast. These 5 are my current splurge-worthy favorites, 3 of which (I promise) deliver near-immediate results. You’re gonna want to pick these up.

1. FRESH Peony Brightening Mask I’ve never met a FRESH product I didn’t like, but this mask might be my all time favorite. Put it on after cleansing at night and wear it to bed (it feels like a thick moisturizer) and wake up – hello! Gorgeous, radiant skin. You can use this every other night, or every night, up to you. A little goes a long way.

2. Exfolikate I have put off getting on the Kate Sommerville train for quite some time. I mean, how could such an overhyped product actually deliver? … well, I am eating my words, you guys. Use it in place of your cleanser twice a week and — oh my word. Not to mention Exfolikate has a fabulous, earthy, herbal-y scent that makes you feel like you’re doing something healthy for your skin.

3. Boscia Toner There’s a lot of debate on whether toner is useful in a skincare routine – and I’m someone who believes it is. This one by Boscia, while a bit pricey, is worth it. No stinging alcohol-y feeling, a lovely fresh scent… it transports you to the spa. Lovely.

4. GlamGlow Tinglexfoliate Mud Mask Another off-the-charts-pricey-yet-totally-worth-it product. Sigh. I hate recommending products that are SO expensive, but the truth is… it’s worth every penny. Use it once a week (give your skin a few days rest in between this and Exfolikate if you’re using both) and watch your skin transform into the softest, smoothest, glowy-est skin you’ve ever had. GlamGlow is another product that smells herbal-y and somehow healthy. A word of caution on this one: when you first put it on, it kind of stings – and yes, I do mean it’s uncomfortable. For me, it goes away after a few minutes as the mask dries. But if it’s too much for you, wash it off. Safety first!

5. Finipil Finipil is a product that I came across via my brow waxer. If you’re someone who breaks out after a wax (or any hair removal), then this product will change your life. It’s an antiseptic, which works to kill any bacteria that attempts to get into your open pores, post-wax. You can use this anywhere you shave/wax for up to three days after the hair removal. It’s a little life saver!

What’s your favorite splurge product?

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