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I’m going to age myself here.

When I was 13, I owned this outfit. And wore it proudly like the little rebel I was. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana was a thing and Green Day’s ‘When I Come Around’ is all anyone ever sang. While I looked the part of a hardcore teenage Nirvana fan, I secretly and obsessively listened to New Kids on the Block every night. It was this crazy, weird, double life that I led : cool at school with the alternative kids, but a secret bubblegum fangirl at night. You know as well as I do, fashion is cyclical. The 80’s made a tiny resurgence (though it seems like 70’s inspired garb continues to reign supreme) and hints of the 1990’s have been making ripples in the fashion ocean. Brown lipstick, chokers and plaid are suddenly fresh and new again. Having lived through it the first time around, I have a different appreciation for the rebellious and carefree styles.

jeans c/o fashion to figure | tank & plaid c/o fashion to figure | bag via balenciaga (similar affordable) | heels via sole society

While this is definitely a different look for me, on a personal level, it almost feels like home. It’s like a revival of teenage Crystal: the girl who was part rocker, part pop princess. My teenage version of this look was decidedly unpolished, so I put my own glam spin on it when trying to re-create it. Makeup is a bit more sophisticated and I opted for my favorite black pointed toe heels to make this old look new again.

#fashiontofigure #90s #throwback #weekend #casual #affordable #ootd #plaid

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