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REVIEW: Fashion to Figure Plus Size Jeans

The best part of my job is that I get to try tons of products: from lipsticks, to hairspray, to dresses and the dreaded jeans. Jeans shopping is notoriously challenging for women (all women, not just us curvy babes) so when I get a chance to try out a bunch of different denim, I get a bit excited. When I find a pair that work for me, I want to shout it from the rooftops to you guys. Today I put 3 pairs to the test – all from Fashion to Figure, and all affordable.

Pair 01: The Jegging

jeggings c/o fashion to figure | peplum top via fashion to figure | clutch via valentino | kitten heels via kors {old, similar}

These jeans are a true plus size jegging – no pockets, elastic waistband and all. The dark color is super flattering on me – and would be on you, too, if you’re a pear-shaped/hourglass babe. I’m wearing a size 2 (18/20) and the fit is fantastic. They’re comfortable and the denim is thick, with plenty of stretch. These jeans are ideal for mommies – they’re easy to wear, easy to run around in, and can be dressed up or down. Perfect for chasing after the kiddos – or pairing with your favorite top for date night.

Overall Rating: B

Pair 02: The Blown-Out Knee

premium skinny jeans c/o fashion to figure | top {sold out} c/o fashion to figure | shoes via kors {old, similar}

I’ll just say this right now: out of the three, this pair is my favorite. The rise isn’t too high, and they don’t get too stretchy too fast. The blow out knee is the perfect amount of casual and the thin fabric means it’s perfect for hot summer days. They have one-button zip fly and nice deep pockets. They’re definitely my go-to weekend jeans. The only thing that could make these better is that the leg opening isn’t skinny enough for my taste – while I don’t mind them being baggy, I’d love to see a bit less fabric around the ankle. I prefer a darker denim and it’s so incredibly hard to find a great lightweight pair of jeans with distressing – but these are a great alternative to my (non-exsistant, apparently) dream jeans.

Overall Rating: B+

Pair 03: Rip & Repair Jeans

skinny jeans c/o fashion to figure | top c/o fashion to figure | bag via marc jacobs | shoes via kors {old, similar}

Out of the three, I will say these were my least favorite. The rise was a bit too high, and stretched out pretty quickly. My body type (big hips/small waist) usually means that there’s a gap in the back of my jeans and with this pair, not only was there a gap, the stretch in the fabric meant that by the end of the day I could pull them about 3 inches away from my body (which also meant added bulk because of the loose fabric around my stomach – not cool). If you’re more of a rectangle, or even an apple shape – these would be great for you. I like the dark wash of the denim – but wish the lighter parts weren’t there – they would have looked more chic in a solid deep blue. The distressing in the knee is fantastic. Overall, these jeans are a more elevated version of Pair #2 and with a belt (and washing in between each wear) they could become a pair I reach for often.

Overall Rating: C+

Final Thoughts Fashion to Figure plus size jeans are an overall great value. They rarely go above the $50 – and almost always have a sale or coupon to take that price way down. There are tons of options for just about every shopper (though, I would prefer them to be broken down into ‘best for body type’ sections to avoid fit issues) – and you’ll always find a good mix of staple styles and trendy looks.

If there’s a specific item you’re looking for, or a brand you’d like me to review, don’t hesitate to send me a note or leave a comment below with your request!

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