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Proportion Play

I love mixing items that don’t traditionally go together. This skirt and this top, at first glance, aren’t items you would pair. The plus size black skirt is drapey and romantic (and decidedly evening) and this top is floaty and huge and oversized, with a stripe that screams “day on a yacht”. I tucked in the front of the blouse for some waist definition, but left it out in the black to show off the gorgeous, voluminous shape. When paired together, you get a chic, unique shape that totally works for a night out.

skirt via eloquii | top via eloquii | clutch via valentino {similar affordable} | heels via valentino {similar affordable}

One of the main reasons this works is the proportions. Here’s a good rule of thumb for when you’re dressing and you’re not sure if things work: have one item be fitted and the other voluminous. For example: this skirt is fitted and tight, and this top is oversized – OR – pair a flouncy skater skirt with a bodysuit, or a crop top. Playing with proportion creates interest!

I want to encourage you to play in your closet this weekend – pair things together that you might not think will work. You’ll be surprised at the combos you can come up with! I love doing this myself because not only is it fun to play and come up with new looks, but it can absolutely make your wardrobe feel new and refreshed again without having to go to the mall.

If you decide to play in your closet, let me know how many new looks you came up with!

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