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Pretty Pastel

It’s nothing short of a shame that I haven’t brought out this dress before now. I received it as a gift from a friend around Christmastime, and I loved the fit. It truly is a wonderful thing when you have friends who know your style enough to know what you like, what you don’t, and what will push your boundaries.

For the most part, I have a strict no halter tops rule. Yeah, they’re flattering. But, the strain that usually comes from the knot on the back of my neck coupled with the fact that there’s rarely a bra in the world that is both comfortable enough to wear with and lifts the girls up where they belong, halters are more trouble than they’re worth. But, leave it to this girl to find the perfect dress – a combination of molded cups in the bodice for extra support and a high enough neckline that my bra won’t show.

With high temperatures coming our way this weekend, this dress will be perfect! It’s lightweight and oh-so-ladylike… perfect for brunch and mimosas with the girls.

dress via city chic {sold out, similar in gingham, similar in pinup} | shoes via jessica simpson { old, similar} | bag via kate spade {borrowed from J}

When you’re shopping for a plus size halter dress, try and look for those details. Neck strain from a halter is typically caused by the bodice (or shirt) trying to assist in what a bra is doing – which is lift. When everything fits right, there’s no strain, no extra work… everything fits like magic. I love when a garment changes my mind! I’d sworn off halter dresses for good – but I’m definitely keeping an open mind now.

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