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I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with Cacique Intimates for this blog post because, girl, they have officially extended sizing! They’ve gone truly inclusive by offering a grand total of 86 sizes. In celebration of this exciting news, I’m sharing my top 3 bra fit tips with you, my go-to strapless bra, and a set I’m absolutely in love with from Cacique!

Under this dress is a gorgeous lingerie set that lifts, supports and looks daaaang good


Every bra has a ‘sister’ size – and this is particularly helpful information to have when you’re shopping. Let’s use an example: Let’s say, you’re a 40DD. If that size isn’t in stock, you can go up one band size, and down one cup size for a similar fit – so in this instance, you could look for a 42D. Similarly, let’s use out 40DD again as a baseline. Try on a 38DDD and see how that works for you. Some questions to keep in mind with sister sizing: do the cups feel good? Are you spilling out of them? If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go!

Also, if when you hook your original bra size (the 40DD) –do you use the loosest or tightest setting? This can also help you decide if sister sizing down is the right direction – or if you should size up.

i’m obsessed with this set! bra here, panty here


If you can only buy one bra, ladies, make it a convertible style in a tone as close to your skin tone as possible. My favorite one is this one – I have it in a tan shade. It’s fantastic as a strapless bra, add on the straps and it’s great to wear under my everyday outfits. If you’re wearing a one shoulder, racerback or any other fancy neckline top – just manipulate the straps to do what you want!


I know, I know. You’ve had that bra since college and it’s gotten you through so much. But we both know the band is stretched out to high heaven, and those cups aren’t giving you the lift they used to. Marie Kondo that thing by giving it a very sincere ‘thank you for all the good times’ and off it goes. On average, a bra with regular wear (3-4 times a week) will last you a good year. Try and get a few different ones to rotate them and get even more longevity out of your garments.

this post is sponsored by lane bryant and cacique, all opinions expressed are my own

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