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Part 2 : Glam in NYC

Backstage was some version of organized chaos. On the surface, it seemed like everyone was running around in a mess of tulle, makeup and in some state of undress. But when you looked closer, every designer had their station, every model was readying for her turn on the runway and the make-up artists consulted the stack of face charts for each look. An assistant checked me in for my showcase and thrust a lanyard over my head to grant me access to backstage. I walked past security, checked in with Jennyvi and got into hair and makeup straight away.

As a lover of a

things beauty and cosmetics, I was thrilled to see the artists using affordable products. BH Cosmetics provided the foundations and concealers, and every brush was a Morphe brush. My artist used shadows from the Smashbox Master Class palette (a phenomenal value for the price).

Once I was brid

ready, I went back over to Jennyvi’s station and was helped back into my dress. Jen secured a phenomenal jeweled belt around my waist while informing me that every dress she makes, she names after the girl wearing it. “So, you are wearing the Crystal.” I beamed in my namesake dress.

With minutes to spare before the show, like any good fashion blogger, I snuck out to the lobby and snapped a few photos.

“Jennyvi Coutu

The shout came from the front of the room, and we all made our way to line up. I took my position last in line, the show closer. “A very good thing,” one of the other models told me with a smile. The lead makeup artist came by with a can of hairspray and a tube of lipgloss to polish me all up before I hit the stage. My heart raced. This was it. My first time walking on a runway in New York. During Fashion Week. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. This is a moment so many girls wish for their whole lives… and it was happening to me. I’ve never been more nervous, excited, humbled, honored, thrilled and scared at the same time. But, something else snuck up on me. Something I’ve never felt before. Walking that runway made me feel so alive. Alive in a way I didn’t know I could feel. Like every nerve ending on my body was on fire in the best way possible. Like I could feel the blood rushing in my veins. Like I was doing what I was meant to do.

The icing on t

ake was the press junket after the show where we spoke largely about body positivity. I was the only plus size model in the entire production – not just my line – and it was so important to have that discussion. That fashion isn’t just for the size 2’s of the world. It’s for everyone, all of us. I love that Jennyvi was so adamant on that point. She really gets what fashion is about – feeling beautiful and special at any size – and every size.

After the show w

done, the junket over and the models cleared out, it was time to call it a night. As Husband and I made our way back to our room, we reflected on the day. How amazing it was. How much it meant to me to be in the show. He was so proud to see me on the runway in New York. I couldn’t have been happier. As I crawled into bed, with my laptop, my phone, and my macarons, I smiled. This was the best day. The very, very, very best day.

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