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Part 1 : Glam in NYC

The months leading up to New York seemed to drag on forever. And, as with most things you’re looking forward to, in a blink of an eye I was dragging my carry-on through Sky Harbor.

Five hours later, we landed in New York and got in the shuttle. Driving through the streets you can actually feel the energy from the crowds seep through the windows. I felt tired from the long travel day, but all of a sudden, I was wide awake.

We checked into the hotel as quickly as possible, and did the first thing that first-time New York tourists do: we sought out the closest pizza place.

In case you’re wondering… yes. New York pizza really is that good.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early for my 8AM fitting. I sprung from bed and ran up to the ballroom. Shireen, designer Jennyvi’s assistant, helped me into the dress and shared stories of the week leading up to the show. The sewing, the running around, the lack of sleep. But we smiled simultaneously when the dress slipped over my head. Yes! A perfect fit.

I gave her a hug and made my way back downstairs to my hotel room to get ready for the day. I couldn’t wait to have lunch with my dear friend, CeCe. Since I didn’t know the area, she picked a great little place called Stout. We laughed and gabbed while munching on salads as tiny snowflakes swirled by out the massive windows.

After our bite, we ventured out into the cold (10 degrees is borderline cruel) and grabbed some tea at a nearby coffee shop. Meeting CeCe was incredible. She is such an inspiration to me, and I have to admit, it was hard not to stare at her because she is just so impossibly gorgeous.

Too soon, we had to say goodbye, and I went back to my fashion week duties. Next up? A photo shoot at Lincoln Center.

photo by luis rivera, @yourboylou on instagram

Uber was my ride around New York and we worked as quickly as we could outdoors before running into the nearest Starbucks for a pick-me-up and more so, to thaw out. Before my call time for hair and makeup, I snuck a quick trip over to LaDuree. If you’ve been reading Sometimes Glam for a minute, you know that macarons are my life source… and LaDuree is the promise land of macarons.

Angels sing inside of these doors, y’all. No joke.

With macarons in hand, I made my way through Central Park and Times Square back to get into hair and makeup for my NYFW runway debut!

THE SHOW – Part Two!

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