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I originally wanted to call this post ‘The Morning After’ but decided against it at the risk of sounding too risque. But let me tell you why. Okay. Picture this: the night before, you and your girls have gone out to the club. You had on your tight dress and heels to the sky, and you most definitely got your drink on (in an exceptionally ladylike way, of course – a glam girl doesn’t get messy drunk). You had a great time and your Uber got you home safe and sound. You fall asleep, ears ringing just a teeny bit and you can still feel remnants of the bass in your chest. The next morning you wake up, and your phone has a bunch of text messages: ‘Brunch!’ ‘Meet us at the Cafe on Mill.’ ‘Mimosas!’ Enter this outfit.

The palm tree printed plus size pants are perfect for brunch – not only do they suggest that you’re totally awake and not at all hungover, but guys – these feel like jammies. Hand-to-God, I swear. They are so comfortable and stretchy and perfect. I paired them with a floaty black tank top (also incredibly comfy, gorgeous and easy) so that there wasn’t too much going on. Add that pop of neon yellow to pump up the look overall and some simple black heels and you’ve got yourself the most put-together-but-feels-like-jammies outfit ever. Perfect for the morning after when you want to trick everyone.

pants & tank & necklace via h&m | heels via zara {old, dupe} | bag via rebecca minkoff | tumbler via starbucks | sunnies via quay

Add some big sunnies and you’re set. No one will know that you’ve been out all night and your friends (who are probably wearing sweat pants at this point) will be so jealous of how ‘together’ you are.

*sometimes glam tip: if heels are a bit too much for your feet after all that partying, it’s still glam to wear a flat sandal with this look! Go for gold or black.

#summer2015 #hm #casual #affordable #ootd #palmprint #palmtree #comfy

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