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Olive this Color

If 2016 had a color, it would be olive.

Everywhere you turn, olive is alive in bomber jackets, jeans, cozy sweaters and of course… dresses. When a color or a trend gets so saturated, I find myself looking for interesting takes on it – a fashionista has to stand out!

dress via city chic | heels via sam&libby at target

This plus size olive dress is a gorgeous faux-sueded that not only fits like a dream, but is so soft and comfy. The touches of gold add a luxe look to it and there was something about it that felt so earthy, so I opted to pair it with a geode ring. Instead of going for a standard black shoe, I decided to bring in another favorite fall color; mauve. Also, these heels have the toughness of a pointed toe, but also a delicate feel with the tie detailing. So pretty! 

It’s so rare that I have a look that has no black – but I still felt as chic and fashion-forward as if I were wearing a little black dress.

#dress #suede #fall2016 #citychic #olivemauve

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