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New York with Vanity Fair

I’m so overjoyed to share some news with you all: for the next three months, I am working with the fabulous lingerie brand, Vanity Fair! When they reached out to me and shared their new campaign called “Women Who Do”, I knew I had to be a part of what they were trying to create. I can’t wait to share all of the details of our partnership with you — but first, let me tell you the story of my whirlwind trip to New York in July when I met with the team (and the fabulous other influencers) who are a part of thing awesome collaboration.

It began on a Wednesday evening, in the lobby of the beautiful Refinery Hotel in MidTown Manhattan. After checking into my room, we were whisked off to dinner. I wish I could tell you that I had a million photos of our evening, but truth be told – I was too enveloped in conversation with the incredible women around me; Mallory – a fellow fashion blogger (that I fell instantly in love with), Monica (a gorgeous blogger from Atlanta), Katie and Maggie (from the PR team), Karen (from HQ) and the wonderful women of the Dress for Success team. The food was phenomenal and we all left stuffed, inspired and ready to get to work.

I walked into Vanity Fair Headquarters in New York first thing in the morning. An intoxicating floral scent danced around me, floating from the arrangement on the conference room table just beyond the lobby door. I was greeted by the staff – Maggie and Katie at first, followed by the rest of the team, then the other bloggers on the trip. Everyone wore brightest smiles I’ve ever seen  and hugs were all around. Katie directed me to the table of breakfast bites and sweet treats.

“Please, grab some!” she encouraged with a smile. Avocado toast and tea in the morning? Yes, ma’am. You don’t have to tell me twice.

A mountain of doughnuts sat on the table next to bite size Krispie-squares, and the girls and I began fixing plates. Mallory and I talked about how fabulous dinner was the night before – when the Vanity Fair team generously wined and dined us, while telling us about their new mission, Women Who Do – and their longstanding partnership with Dress For Success.

We mingled for some time, slowly waking up with cups of caffeine and tiny pastries. In the conference room, little place cards held our names and we sat, ready to soak in every bit of knowledge the team had for us. My notepad quickly became filled with my handwriting, each pearl of bra-fitting wisdom in Sharpie-pen on every page.

Once we had a grasp of all of the styles and new fall colors Vanity Fair is bringing to market (girls, there’s a hunter green that is going to give you alllllll the fall vibes!) we had the opportunity to have a professional fitting. Turns out, 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size! Can you believe that? It was so cool to be fitted perfectly by their in-house experts and the girls and I shared gripes about bras while we tried on the new styles.

note: my personal favorite was the comfort x3 style – one I wore on a 14 hour train ride from Penn Station to Montreal, Canada the next day. You did see all of my Vanity Fair New York travel vlogs, didn’t you? Here’s day one, and here’s day two.

Perfect fitting bras in hand, the ladies and I packed up to head out to our next stop: People Magazine! We piled into the party bus and chatted as we buzzed through the streets of New York City, only pausing to take in the monuments that zipped by in a virtual blur. Jeanette and I exchanged blogging stories and advice as well pulled up to the Time building. The Time building lives downtown, a virtual five minute walk to One World Trade. The sound of shutters surrounded me as all of the bloggers whipped out their cameras to take photos of the iconic building.

As for me… I just stopped. And stared.  I mean… it’s not everyday a girl gets to walk into the Time Inc building where People Magazine lives. This is big time, people.

The view from our suite was breathtaking – high above the streets of New York, overlooking the Hudson River. Does it get any better? Mallory and I linked arms as we made our way to another incredible spread – this time salads and fruit and tiny sandwiches greeted us on a long table, in the left corner behind a chandelier of white balloons and beautiful floral arrangements. More mingling, more laughs floating around the room as we excitedly noshed and waited. Then – music to our ears – we were about to style a flat lay here at People with the incredible photographer, Rachel Brennecke. 

We picked our bras and accessories, each girl putting their own excited twist on their flat lay. I went last, watching each girl’s beautiful creation and taking in every secret I overheard.

“Use putty to prop up reflective items in your flatlay,” Rachel shared. “Flat lays are all up to you – they can be perfectly lined up, or askew.” “Get a stepladder for the perfect shot”

I took notes in my phone.

Before I knew it I was up next. I wanted to create something moody, with a bit of edge – but mostly, something that screamed pre-fall. Working with Rachel and the Editors at People Magazine (!!!) was such a treat and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. While Rachel snapped photo after photo, I dissected each one with the Editors to get the perfect shot. Behind me, I heard the girls bonding. Sharing stories of what it means to be a part of the Women Who Do campaign. 

photo by Rachel Brennecke

Over the next two months, I will be sharing with you what being a part of the #WomenWhoDo campaign means to me – bringing you into parts of my life that I don’t normally share to inspire you and motivate you. A huge thank you to Vanity Fair for not only showing me such a lovely time in New York, but introducing me to such an incredible group of women who are nothing short of outstanding, and mostly … thank you for creating this campaign that truly celebrates what it means to be a woman.

from l-r: jeanette, me, monica, chastity, mallory, merrick & miriam

As the last photo was snapped and Rachel stepped down from the ladder, we all knew it was time to say goodbye. I turned to Monica and Mallory, and we hugged tightly – vowing to send emails as soon as we got home. I said goodbye to the team, to the other girls, and then to Katie – who I bonded with so much in our short 48 hours. The balloon chandelier fell behind us as Chastity rolled her suitcase into the hall to take her Uber to the airport. Another hug, and I was on my way back to the hotel to pack and head on the next part of my adventure as a Vanity Fair Ambassador. 

Vanity Fair bras are available at retailers nationwide including JC Penney, Kohl’s and Macy’s, and come in sizes 34B-44DDD.

Thank you so much to Vanity Fair  for sponsoring and supporting Sometimes Glam. All opinions, images, and editorial decisions are, as always, my own. 

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