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The girls and I packed up for a quick jaunt to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago – a much needed break from all of the craziness in Los Angeles. The warm, dry desert air was a welcome change from the smog – and being a desert girl myself – it felt like going home. I packed as many boho dresses and skirts that could fit into my suitcase to fully immerse myself into the JT vibes (this was my first trip there after all and I wanted the total experience) and booked the most perfect bohemian airbnb to escape the hot desert sun during the afternoon. I became obsessed with this little daybed and set up there to relax and read while we listened to vintage Frank Sinatra vinyl records.

top via fashion nova curve | skirt via showpo photos by nichole alex

#maxiskirt #neutrals #boho #joshuatree #bohemian

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