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Modern Gladiator


In ancient Rome, people would gather at the Forum to watch the best of the best fight. Gladiators would put on suits of armor and battle to win it all; money, fame and  glory. In the days between fights, the best gladiators would walk the streets with panache and power in stylish clothes. Proud of what they’d accomplished, proud of who they were. And they didn’t care who knew it. They had overcome great adversity to make it out of that arena alive and walked the world knowing just how hard they’d fought – even if no one else knew the struggle.

plus size swim suit gladiator sandals ootd monif c monifc monif clark swim sea by monif c crystal coons

Funny, isn’t it? In some ways, we haven’t changed much. We have to fight everyday for who we are and who we wish to become. We have to fight prejudices and assumptions about our lives. Worse, we question ourselves. We fight ourselves. The Roman Forum is rebuilt inside of our minds. We struggle to do the right thing. It’s a battle to just simply be. As a plus size woman, I know this constant struggle well. There are too many women who are fighting to be themselves, to find their place in this world. We hear the names they give us – fat, worthless, slob, disgusting – and sometimes we even buy into them. We buy into them so much so that wearing a swimsuit – something so small in the grand scheme of life – feels as difficult as a new warrior readying to battle for the first time.

plus size swim suit gladiator sandals ootd monif c monifc monif clark swim sea by monif c crystal coons
plus size swim suit gladiator sandals ootd monif c monifc monif clark swim sea by monif c crystal coons
plus size swim suit gladiator sandals ootd monif c monifc monif clark swim sea by monif c crystal coons

aztec monokini c/o monif c | lace up gladiator sandals via aldo

I’d like to think that inside each of us is a Gladiator begging to come out. Someone in there that is strong and fierce, powerful and great, virtuous and brave. A champion. Someone that would look at this swimsuit, like I did, and see the potential to be something greater. A Modern Gladiator – ready to fight to be the absolute best she can. A Gladiator who looks at the world, complete with it’s faults and flaws and says ‘Bring it On’, because in the end she knows she will come out of it victorious.

If you, right now today, don’t have the strength to let that Gladiator out yet, that’s okay. Soon, you will. Until then, wear the wardrobe of a warrior. The more you do, the more you’ll see yourself transform. You’ll transform into a woman who knows who she is and walks proudly with her head held high.

Thank you so much for being with me through Swim Week. While this was a fun project to produce and work on (and was 99% lighthearted) I hope the message was clear: you can be anything you want. Anyone you want. With a bit of courage, you can be modern and edgy, preppy and smart, sultry and sexy, and even sweet and innocent. Look for strength in fashion – the armor you wear everyday. I found strength in this Aztec print – it inspired me to create a look for you that was one part high fashion, one part power, one part inspiration. I knew as soon as I laced up my gold gladiator sandals that I had transformed into something great and I couldn’t wait to share that with you and encourage you to do the same.

Remember: The only true battle in life is the one with ourselves. And the only true victory in life is living while being exactly who you are without any worries, excuses or apologies.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to end Swim Week than with a giveaway from one of my favorite plus size swimwear designers, Monif C. Monif is a woman who champions other strong women – a philosophy so clear in her designs. I am so happy to host this giveaway, where you can win one of her swimsuits – any one you want!

Monif C has teamed up with 6 fab plus size bloggers to do this fantastic swimsuit GIVEAWAY!

Monif C. Beach Chic Blogger Giveaway

Giveaway rules: 

– Follow @monifcplussizes on Instagram and use the#monifcbeachchic

– Follow @sometimesglam on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

– Tell me which suit you’d like to win in the comments below

The winner will be announced on FACEBOOK on JUNE 20th, 2015.

Good luck, Gladiators.

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