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Maxis in Malibu

I think El Matador Beach in Malibu might actually be the gateway to heaven. As most of you know, the Husband and I decided to get a second residence here in Los Angeles (being out here for work so often and those hotel rates were killing me!) and because of that I’ve completely immersed myself in that beachside life. My normal haunt is Santa Monica. Touristy, yes – but there’s something so electric about the energy of the traveling families, the way the kids laugh in delight as a pelican dives into the ocean for lunch, watching the ferris wheel go round and round bringing incredible views to the people it carries. But then. El Matador is the yoga class to Santa Monica’s frantic cardio workout. El Matador makes you work as you climb down the steep cliff (slowly, carefully) and down flights of stairs. But once you’re down to the tiny beach, the small strips of sand between majestic rock formations is unequivocally peaceful. Time stops here – and you can breathe, explore and feel free from the world. I knew I wanted to film a lookbook there, and it was such a natural fit for Neiman Marcus Last Call & I to work together to showcase some of their incredible maxi dresses and talk about their plus offerings.

As you know, I’m a size 14 on top and an 18/20 on the bottom – visibly plus – but the dresses in this lookbook are from the straight size section. I’m wearing an XL in all of them – so make sure that you shop BOTH sections – you never know what you will find! IN particular the Neiman Marcus house brand will easily fit up to an 18/20, especially in jersey fabrics.

Between the tie-dye/ombre feel of these gorgeous maxis and the luxe fabrics, it was an easy decision to pack up and head down to Malibu to shoot these looks.

check out Neiman Marcus Last Call Plus Sizes | shop gorgeous maxi dresses

& watch these babies in action on YouTube

A huge, massive thank you to Neiman Marcus Last Call for supporting Sometimes Glam and collaborating with me on this post. Stay tuned for our next collaboration coming very soon! 

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