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Make Summer Last

There’s this place in Malibu, on the coast. There, wildflowers dance when the breeze runs through them. The wildflower patch is at the top of the cliff and they almost seem to look down at the ocean below it, their dance reminiscent of a cheer every time the water crashes against the rocks. As you walk down the path, the tall grass and tiny flowers welcome you, in shades of yellow and red and blue.  It’s so romantic and idyllic. The air is alive with the fragrance of the cool ocean and laughter from below.

It’s my favorite place in the world.

The last time I was there, my Husband and I went down to the beach, passing through the wildflowers and had a little picnic. We laughed and stared at the water for hours, just enjoying each other’s company and the very limited cell signal. Now that I’m back in the real world, my romantic retreat just a memory, I find myself yearning for those quiet moments with him in the middle of our insanely over-scheduled lives. So when Kohl’s reached out to me and wanted to collab on a summer post, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

I went to my local Kohl’s and headed straight for the home department. On a shelf sat these beautiful pots of faux flowers and tall grass, just like the ones on the beach that day. I scooped them up. Then I went to the women’s section and found this incredible dress by LC Lauren Conrad – white and airy and beachy – exactly what I would have worn on the beach that day. Sparkly sandals were next – with mirrored accents to enhance the shimmer of the dress. Light, ladylike jewelry was next. Last, I headed back to the home section and picked up some champagne flutes.

shimmer maxi dress by lc lauren conrad c/o kohls | ring by lc lauren conrad c/o kohls | necklaces by lc lauren conrad c/o kohls

I wanted to recreate our favorite summer trip memory here at home so I got home, unpacked everything, and started setting up on the table in our backyard. You see, it was one of the few nights where my Husband was actually going to be home at the same time I was – and early enough for me to put together an after-work surprise. 

champagne flutes by food network c/o kohls | pots of artificial flowers by sonoma c/o kohls | nail polish by essie c/o kohls | sandals by candies c/o kohls

Thank you so much to Kohl’s for being a part of my summer memory-making. I absolutely loved recreating that magical day here at home and want to encourage you all to do the same – make your summer vacations and magical moments last all summer long by recreating them at home.  Think of the things that day that were memorable and add them into your home so you can always be reminded of your special time. Sure beats a t-shirt, doesn’t it?!

Here are some coupon codes to save you guys some money on your next shopping trip!

15% off with code BEACH15 . 7/15-7/23 20% off + 3x Yes2You points with code SUNNY. 7/28-7/31

A huge, massive thank you to Kohl’s for supporting Sometimes Glam and collaborating with me on this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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