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Lingerie is for You

For some reason, we’ve started to believe that lingerie is for someone else. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone underwear shopping at the mall with friends only to hear them say: “I’m single, who am I going to wear that for?” “My boyfriend/husband doesn’t care about that!” “Nah, I think I’ll just go with the cotton set – nothing too fancy. It’s just for me.”

This breaks my heart.

Which is why I’ve decided: today I’m going to solve this once and for all. Ladies, lingerie is about YOU. It’s for YOU. It’s not for anyone else. It’s for you to feel empowered. For you to feel feminine. For you to feel powerful and beautiful, delicate and capable all at the same time.

As women and mothers and sisters and aunties and wives, we’ve all bought into this lie that we exist solely to care for others. That what we want doesn’t matter. That we don’t get to have an opinion. That we come last. And worst of all, that we don’t get to feel beautiful.

Um, no!

Natori Seduction Bra in Ayame (berry shade) & Gunmetal (mauve shade) | Natori Seduction Bikini in Gunmetal

Natori Pure Allure Full Figure Bra in Black/Charcoal Natori Pure Allure Brief in Black/Charcoal

Lingerie, for me, has always been an obsession. My husband used to joke that I spent all my money on “Dum-Dums and fancy underpants” and he was right. I believe that perfect bras and panties are the foundations of a good day. Think about it! The first thing you put on after your morning shower is a beautiful, lacy bra and sheer, gorgeous panties that make you look and feel incredible. How’s that for a great start?!

I discovered Natori years ago at Saks and had been treating myself to a set from their range a few times a year. When they asked me to put together a post for them talking about their new +Support expanded size range, I jumped at the chance. Natori’s bras are soft, delicate, supportive and beautiful, and their panties are comfortable without sacrificing any sex appeal. I’m thrilled that the bras are now available in sizes ranging from 30DD to 44H and panties up to an XXXL. I’ve been recommending them for years and love that I get to share them with you now.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I want to challenge you to do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself a gorgeous matching bra and panty set and I dare you not to feel like the beautiful, strong, gorgeous creature you are. Buy it for you – just you – because you deserve it.

Thank you so much to Natori for supporting Sometimes Glam. As always, all opinions are my own.

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