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Junk in the Trunk

My sister came to visit me recently, and every time she comes, I always look for fun events for us to go to. She lives in Canada, so when she’s here in Phoenix with me, I try and show her as much local flavor as possible. Enter the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. The good people over at Jeep & Chrysler invited us all for a fun night of shopping the market – and to say we had a blast would be an understatement.

One of the first things we did was go for a test drive in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now, I have to pause to let you know that one of my first cars was a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in a dark blue. I had a deep love affair with my Jeep and am proud to say that I drove it into the ground, hitting well over 200,000 miles on it. So when I had a chance to check out 2017’s version of my beloved, I jumped at the chance. It was gorgeous inside – and had an incredibly smooth ride. Another feature I loved was the huge panel in the dash to control my music, perfect to keep me entertained on long drives!

I especially loved how much space there was in the back – plenty of room to put all of my luggage! You guys know how much I love my road trips to California <3 I always come back with tons of goodies from shopping trips – but with that much space, I can definitely see myself hitting up more furniture stores – and not have to worry about things fitting!

Once we said goodbye to the Jeep (boo) we grabbed a cup of locally made Iced Coffee and went into the market – but not before a quick pic under the neon sign.

Inside, we were met with tons of local artists, amazing vintage finds and a bustling crowd, ready to score deals. Energy buzzed through the air as families shopped together, all set to live music.

My sister and I had a blast checking everything out! Before we left though, I made sure to hunt down some vintage fashion. I, in particular, fell in love with this Pam Am stewardess bag. My sister pawed through racks and racks of designer fashion. It was a dream!

A huge huge thank you to the team at Jeep & Chrysler for inviting us and treating us to such a lovely time!

Have you been vintage shopping? What draws you in: the fashion, or the furniture?

until next time!


Note: this post was sponsored by jeep & chrysler, but in no way affects my opinions. thank you to jeep & chrysler for supporting sometimes glam.

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