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Five Promises

Today is my birthday. And, as I think most people do, I spent it reflecting on the past year. Last year was a challenging one, with highs and lows. I lost people I loved very much. I grew my business and was able to achieve a lot of goals I had for myself. I traveled a lot more and learned so much.

The absolute highlight, though, was being selected by Vanity Fair for this amazing campaign, #WomenWhoDo.

Today’s blog post isn’t about the past, however. It’s about the future. I turn 35 today and in celebration of that, I’m having a glass of Rose with my husband and making 5 promises to myself that will make this the best year ever.

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Promise 01: Wear Cozy Sweaters.

Okay, I know that sounds weird. But hear me out.

To call me a workaholic would be putting it mildly – but I won’t complain. I love what I do and that I get to wake up every morning to work on something that’s mine, which I built. And it’s incredible to be able to inspire and motivate other women to live their best lives. But I often times forget to disconnect. I get tunnel-vision on a project and ignore that I need a break. Breaks for me used to involve cozy sweaters, a comfy bra (like my absolute favorite Vanity Fair Comfort x3 – it’s incredible) and curl up with Husband on the couch and watch Netflix. I can’t remember the last time I did that. So this year, I promise to take a break every now and again so I don’t burn out.

Promise 02: Never Be Late

This is so embarrassing to admit, but I am always late. Not like, an hour late, but 5-15 minutes late. I don’t know why (but I have a feeling it’s got something to do with the problem that needs solving in Promise 01). The thing about being late is that it’s disrespectful. It shows that you don’t value the time of the person you are meeting. It’s important to me that the people in my life, be it; clients, friends or family that I do value and respect their time. This year, I promise to be on time. By setting more alarms and wearing a watch and being mindful and present in each moment so that I can plan to be on time… even early! (*gasp*)


You’ve heard this over and over again: you are your own worst critic. And I’ve gotten really good at beating myself up over the years. If things didn’t go my way, if I missed a deadline, if something out my control happened, I would be hardest on myself. This is going to be the hardest habit to break, but it’s the one that holds me back the most. I now actively try and think of it this way: if a friend came to me to talk about what was bothering her, would I tell her the same things I tell myself?! Absolutely not. I would be supportive and caring, and work together to find the solution. If we treat ourselves the way we treat the ones we love, I think we’d all be a bit better for it. This year, I promise to be kinder to myself, to learn from my mistakes and treat wrenches in my life plan as hurdles to over come, not walls holding me back.

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Promise 04: Learn how to Cook… something.

I am the queen of convenience. I’ve always told myself, “Crystal, you don’t have time to cook. You have things to do!” But the truth is, I haven’t made cooking at home a priority in my life – and I am a firm believer that you can do anything you want as long as you make it a priority. Learning how to cook would make my life so much better – first off, how fantastic of a hostess would I be for dinner parties?! “Why yes, Guest! I did make those roasted brussel sprouts that are currently rocking your world!” Secondly, it would be a great way to de-stress and connect at the same time. I come from an Italian family, and when I was young my dad and grandmother used to cook for hours on end and the entire family would come over for Sunday supper. It would be loud and crazy and there was music and kids running around and it was amazing.

Promise 05: Work Better, Learn More

A lot of today’s post has been me admitting my downfalls: I don’t take breaks, I don’t cook, I’m always late, and I’m kind of mean to myself. But this last promise is my most important one. I want to work better. I want to be better. As you’re reading this, I’m about to look at office space to work outside of my home. (*update: I found one, and have signed a lease!) I’ve worked mostly from home for nearly ten years, building businesses and creating content. And now, I’m ready. I’m ready to take it to the next level. I want a space that is my own. That I can be proud of. That I can create beautiful photos and blog posts and videos for you to enjoy. I want to inspire you more, help motivate you to go after your dreams, and make them a reality. And a space will do that. I promise to work better this year, learn more, create more, do more.

Thank you so much to Vanity Fair for creating this campaign and supporting #WomenWhoDo and what I do here at Sometimes Glam. Vanity Fair makes my favorite everyday bra: the Comfort x3 – which is perfect for traveling (esp for long haul flights), amazing under a t-shirt and it’s even the one I sleep in!

Vanity Fair bras are available at retailers nationwide, including: JC Penney, Kohl’s and Macy’s. They come in sizes 34b-44DDD. *They also come in that gorgeous hunter green shade, which you 1000% need for your fall wardrobe. #justsaying.

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