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Fitness Friday: ClassPass

When ClassPass reached out to me and offered to let me try their service for the month of January to celebrate their Phoenix launch, I couldn’t say no. Being able to try up to 60 (!) different studios in my area is a dream come true to a group fitness junkie like me. In case you’re not familiar, ClassPass is a subscription service that allows you to take unlimited classes at the studios listed on their website. You can choose anything from yoga to dance to (yikes!) CrossFit – eliminating the very real problem of workout boredom.

leggings via victorias secret sport | tank and long sleeve tee via athleta | trainers via adidas {new colors!} | tote c/o classpass

My favorite sweat-proof makeup – for you ladies who get your sweat on after work! This will last all day and won’t melt off during your workout!

I wanted to share my experience with you all at Express Mie, a studio in Tempe that offers dance and pole fitness, along with cardio and strength classes. I went on a Thursday night, after a long day of work. On the schedule for that night? The Sexy Core Workout. Umm, yes please.

Fueled properly by a healthy salad from Whole Foods and a huge bottle of water.

Ready for class!

I walk in, and the dark room is dimly light by a string of fairy lights running the length of the studio wall. I take my mat, and sit. The class starts out with a glorious 15 minutes of deep stretching and meditation, warming you up for what is to come. The instructor, Jasmine, is a fireball of energy as she guides us through the motions. Then, the music shifts and before you know it, you’re working your abs, toning your tush and actually having a really great time. Jasmine encourages you to sing along during the ab workout portion claiming, “It won’t hurt as much if you sing!”

You know what? She was right. Though, I’m not sure if it hurt less because I was singing or if I was distracted by how badly I was singing along with the group of ladies in the class. I realize that the dim lighting is genius. It’s not too dark to see what you’re doing, but it’s dark enough that it keeps the focus on *your* workout. No gym intimidation here! By the end of class, I’m smiling, laughing, feeling good – and drenched in sweat.

I survived!

leggings via adidas | tank via athleta | jacket via zella {in plus}

Thanks so much to ClassPass for letting me experience a ton of new workouts this month! Find out if ClassPass is in your city. And if you’re in Phoenix, head over to Express Mie, stat. This place will change your life!

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