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FFFWeek & The Curvy Con : A Travel Diary

*Special Note: As many of you know, we lost a treasured family member recently. I took time off from the blog to mourn and grieve and your patience and support have overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your kindness during this incredibly difficult time during my life. You truly are the best readers on the Internet and I appreciate you more than you realize. While this diary-style recap is exceptionally late, I do hope you enjoy it. We’ll be back to regular content this week. All my love, C

Tuesday, 1035 PM

I’m sitting at the airport, excitement fighting with sleepiness. I tried to stay up the night before, so I could sleep on the plane, but who am I kidding? In six hours, I’ll be touching down in New York. For Full-Figured Fashion Week and The Curvy Con. So excited! So tired.

Tuesday, 1158 PM

Cruising at 30,000 feet. There’s no way I’m going to sleep. Can’t stop thinking about red carpets and runways and all of the fab things I’m going to wear.

Wednesday, 9 AM

I didn’t sleep a wink last night, but now that I’m here, I’m exhausted. Tonight is the Curves at Sea All White Party, and I need to get some shut-eye before then. Crossing my fingers the lovely woman at check-in can get me in my room early.

Wednesday, 10 AM

Hooray! Sleep!

Wednesday, 6 PM

I step out of my Uber at Pier 40 into the perfect weather: slightly humid with a cool breeze. I gather my gorgeous white dress and practically skip to the check-in line for the cruise. I can see the yacht at the end of the pier – it’s huge! The crowd is buzzing, laughter floating into the atmosphere from the groups of women wearing their best white outfits. I feel butterflies in my stomach as I chat up the girl in line next to me. We’re fast friends and stick together as we make our way up to the yacht.

Wednesday, 1025 PM

This party is incredible! My dress is yielding tons of compliments. The view from the deck of the yacht is incredible – I can see the entire New York Skyline – and up ahead is the Statue of Liberty. I just met a fan – she loves City Chic and my blog! She asked for a photo and was so sweet. This is the most surreal moment of my life.

Thursday, 1 AM

As I’m washing the last of my makeup from my face, I can’t help but think of what a fantastic night tonight was. The cruise, the music, the atmosphere… if this is what the first night is like, I can’t wait to get to bed so I can wake up and take on day two!

Thursday, 435 PM

Today was filled with lots of running around – photoshoots, errands, and at one point, I was able to eat half a sandwich before I had to run off to another event. I can definitely get used to this awesome fast-paced life! Tonight’s activities are decidedly low-key… secret bloggers happy hour followed by secret bloggers dinner! I’m going to dress up my favorite TDF jeans with a sexy red peplum and heels. Low key or not, casual isn’t in my dictionary.

Thursday, 7 PM

Secret bloggers happy hour was incredible. I love meeting all of my blogger boos in person (finally!) – and can we talk about the view from The Sky Room?! Panoramic views of the city from the 20th floor. The girls and I are laughing to the point of tears, bonding on levels I never expected… maybe it’s the Malibu-And-Pineapple I’m drinking but I am having a hard time believing that life could be better than this.

Friday, 1245 PM

FFFWeek is holding a town hall meeting, and I’m wearing one of my favorite City Chic shirts – navy blue with black lace button down with a peplum hem. So cute. I’m so excited to meet Kat, from City Chic’s Australian Headquarters. We’ve emailed a bunch, and she is so sweet, I just can’t wait to meet her in person.

Friday, 4 PM

Kat was such a doll! I wish we had more time to chat, but alas, she had to catch a flight back home. Now, I am back at my hotel with my curling iron warming up. I’ve had tonight’s outfit planned for over a week. I picked out a gorgeous black midi pencil skirt with lace detailing and a beautiful blue bustier top. Tonight is the big Indie Showcase runway show with a red carpet. I am so excited!

Friday, 745 PM

Standing on the red carpet was incredible. I was there with my friend, Sarah, and we had a great time taking photos, meeting readers, and watching the incredible runway show. Our Uber driver is taking us to a secret party that promises to be filled with famous faces.

Friday, 1030 PM

The secret party took place on a rooftop in Brooklyn. I honestly didn’t think that I could get a better view than I did at The Sky Room… but there I was looking across the river with a complete view of the skyline. Icons stood out against the dark night sky: The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, the New Yorker… it was something out of a dream. I didn’t think it could get any better until a group of us – dressed in our finest, I might add – took to the streets of Williamsburg to find a slice of classic New York pizza.

Saturday, 1130 AM

Today’s outfit was selected with so much in mind. Moderating a panel at the very first Curvy Con is such an honor, and leading the sex, love and dating panel adds another layer of pressure. It’s so important that I look confident, powerful and professional. And above all, stylish. After all, that’s why we’re here, isn’t it. I picked out these black wet look jeans – to add a bit of a tough edge – and paired them with the strappy tank top. The jeans and top were the punch of power I was going for… but adding this color block jacket added that air of professionalism and style my look needed. Armed with my white heels, I am so ready to hit the red carpet and get this day underway!

Saturday, 1045 PM

I’m sitting at a very late dinner with some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers. We’re having fancy tacos and tableside guac with chips in the West Village. The girls are swapping stories and laughing. Margaritas are flowing: you can smell the bite of tequila mixed with salt in the air.  The glasses clink together – cheers! – and we all take a sip.

The conversation resumes, and I sit back and watch. I can’t help but take this time to look back at the past few days that were nothing short of a whirlwind. A whirlwind of parties and red carpets, meeting new friends and rummaging through swag bags, inside jokes and memories that I know will last a lifetime.

Above all, I know the thing I will always love about these amazing days in New York City were the clothes I wore. Every time I see that white maxi dress, I will remember how it felt to be on the yacht with the breeze gently tousling my hair when I saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time. That red peplum top will remind me of The Sky Room and the conversations I had with those women that transformed our relationships from being colleagues to friends. The blue bustier and black skirt will always bring back the electric feeling of being on the red carpet in New York for the first time. That, and the warmth of meeting some of the most amazing and inspiring women I know.

And finally, I can’t think of a time that wearing this outfit won’t remind me of The Curvy Con – when I conquered my nerves and moderated a panel that was so important to so many. It went well, in case you’re wondering. I didn’t trip or say anything ridiculous… and even got a few laughs and cheers from the crowd.

I hear my friend Sabrina say my name, and I’m instantly transported back to the present conversation. I dunk a chip into the salsa she’s holding out for me to sample, and then bite in.

“That one is my favorite!” I declare – and a battle of the salsas ensues. I laugh and take as many mental pictures as I possibly can to immortalize this moment.

** style notes: all of my outfits for this trip were c/o City Chic from their upcoming fall 2015 collection. Keep your eye open to see the styles on their site later this summer! A big, huge thank you to City Chic for sending me out to NYC.

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