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Fancy in San Francisco

I grew up listening to Tony Bennett. Hearing him croon ‘I left my Heart in San Francisco’ over and over again is probably the reason that I have such an obsession with the city. I absolutely have left my heart in San Fran and will take any chance to go visit it.

What made this trip especially wonderful was the company. When the team at Catherine’s reached out to me to meet them up in the Bay for a day of sightseeing and photos, I couldn’t say no. Add in the fact that the shoot would be with two my friends, Kristine of Trendy|Curvy and Rachel of Lovely In LA I knew I was in for a good time.

From the minute our flight landed at SFO and the limo picked us up (complete with driver holding up a sign with our names at the arrivals gate – so fancy!) the trip was first class. We met up with Kellie (a force to be reckoned with in every sense of the statement), Lydia (a blogger’s dream – her photography is famous) and Kate (who is a spunky young babe from Catherine’s Philly HQ with a killer sense of style). We dined and laughed as we got to know each other and then turned in, ready for a fabulous and busy day ahead.

Cue my 5AM alarm. Normally, I reach over and swat my phone 5 yards away in anger. But today? I gladly turned off the chime and popped out of bed like a poptart. My glam squad was scheduled to arrive at 6 and I wanted to be ready to go. As soon as the glam squad arrived, it was a blur of photos and lashes and curling irons and before I knew it, I was downstairs with the girls ready to go.

Because the day hadn’t started off perfectly enough, we did a quick outfit change after visiting the Bay Bridge and headed over to  Lombard Street. I’ll admit that in all the time I’ve spent in SF I’ve never made it over to Lombard, so this was a wonderful treat! I think the best part was standing off to the side with the girls, contemplating how the residents of Lombard live with all of this crazy traffic and tourism… right outside their homes. (FYI: We decided Lombard living wasn’t for us… wayy to crazy. Has nothing to do with the real estate price tag of over 5 million dollars. We promise.) I changed into the Metallic Braid Jeans, the Diagonal Dye Shirt and paired it with the chic and simple City Heel Sandal. I love how the flowy top’s tie-dye pattern reminds me of shallow water and the light reflecting through it onto the sand. Perfect for windy beach days.

The sun set in the spaces between the buildings as we stepped out into Union Square. The lights flickered around us as Lydia took the final shots of the day and we smiled. In the background we could hear Kellie updating her Snapchat and Kate’s melodic laugh. I closed my eyes for a moment – just to freeze the scene in my mind. The hustle and bustle of Union Square at dusk, the sound of the trolleys as they coasted by, the smell of the crisp evening air. I opened my eyes in time for Kristine to crack a joke and fell into laughter against Rachel’s shoulder.

I can not say thank you enough to Catherine’s for sponsoring this wonderful trip. Kate – you were such a joy to work with. Your bright smile and willingness to help with everything was appreciated beyond measure. Kellie – your professionalism and straight-forward advice (and snapchatting) is something I admire. Lydia – Sorry not sorry that I fangirled all over you. After having the chance to work with you, I know it was 100% warranted. Kristine and Rachel – you ladies are the best. Funny, beautiful, intelligent, professional women and I can’t wait to work with you both again.

*Thank you to Catherine’s for supporting Sometimes Glam. As always, all opinions, experiences and fangirling are 100% my own.

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