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DIY: Super Glam Pink Hair

“If I got hit by a truck tomorrow, I swear to god the last thing I would say – whilst gasping for air, mind you – is: dammit! I never got to have pink hair!”

Yeah, that’s an actual excerpt from an actual conversation I had last week. Part of me wanted to call Jocelyn (the hair goddess at the salon I frequent far too often) And tell her to bleach my head and grab the pink dye. But having been down that road before (I can’t even talk about platinum blonde fiasco of 2004) I knew that it would take years for my brunette locks to recover. So, after a few trials with sprays and chalking, I decided that the route that would work best for me would be DIY extensions in candy pink.

What You’ll Need:Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rose Color – Hair Conditioner – Shampoo – Latex Gloves – Aluminum Foil – 2x Snap It! 2 Piece Silky Clip-In Human Hair Extension 14″ Platinum

Total Project Cost: $40 Difficulty: 2 out of 5 Time: (active) 5-10 minutes, (passive) 20-30 minutes.

The Process:

I did this outside on my back porch. I set down two pieces of aluminum to protect the table and opened the packs of extensions. I went with cheap ones, in case I messed up. I set them down and put on my gloves.

diy pink pastel extensions
diy pink pastel extensions
diy pink pastel extensions

Once the timer buzzed, I grabbed the foil and took everything to the bathroom. Under warmish water, I began rinsing the color out, one extension at a time. Next, I washed and conditioned the hair just as I would if I had dyed my hair. The rule for working with extensions: if they’re not synthetic (don’t buy synthetic!), they’re real human hair and should be treated as well as you’d treat the hair attached to your head. Take all of your washed hair and set it to dry, either hanging in your shower or flat on a towel. You can blow-dry to speed up the process if you’re an impatient lady like I am, or you can air-dry.

diy pink pastel extensions

From there, style as you wish! Personally, I used my flatiron to take out the frizz, and then curled them and worked them into my hair style.

Basically, I look like a unicorn.

diy pink pastel extensions

Would I do this again? Probably. There are tons of online shops (ahem Etsy) that you can buy pre-dyed pastel hair extensions. And a lot of times, they’re very reasonably priced! I chose to DIY because I left things to the last minute, and I’m off to Vegas this week and couldn’t wait for shipping. I found a fabulous online resource for those of you not in a rush: TrueRebelle. Affordable clip-in extensions in fun colors! I’ll get a set to review for you soon. In the meantime, my project cost just under $40 (same as Rebelle’s) but are 100% custom. I’d love to do more; I’m dreaming of a rose to lilac ombre… swoon.

Would you DIY your own custom pastel extensions? Let me know in the comments! Also, please leave any questions below, too. I’d be happy to answer them!


outside in natural light

diy pink pastel extensions

that wave tho! <3

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