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Meditation and yoga have become a big part of my life in the past year. As stress levels rise, I began looking for ways to vent some frustration and healthy ways to manage anxiety, fear and even some bigger emotions like anger and depression. I found my strength in the silence of meditation and the focus of yoga. I shared this journey with my best friend, Marisa (who was my partner in crime for my Australian adventure) and together, we decided to make self-care a focus on our trip.

We went to the famed Crystal Castle right outside of Byron Bay in a town called Mullumbimby. It sits at the top of a mountain, totally isolated with nothing but the sounds of local birds to keep you company. We walked through the gardens and had the humbling experience of meditating in an amethyst cave (my reaction video is on my youtube channel), and we took several lectures, including one on using crystals for healing and meditation. I left the Crystal Castle feeling rejuvenated, grounded and so connected to the world.

boho dress | astra | coming soon

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