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Chilly Morning Routine

Sunday morning, my alarm sounds from my phone through my room. It’s Demi Lovato’s Confident (my new mantra) and I’m singing while being half asleep. There’s a chilly bite to the air and I don’t really want to get out of bed just yet. November in Phoenix is weird – it’s that month where you need the heater in the morning, but by mid-day, you need the AC on again.

nightstand makeup demi lovato mindy kaling

*you guys – my nightstand game is on point

For now, 7AM, I want my warm blanket and to never ever leave my bed. After letting my playlist go for 2 songs (okay, 4) I drag myself out of bed and to the bathroom, turning on the water for a shower.

Knowing that November is usually the month where my skin goes from it’s usual slightly-dehydrated self to it’s super-mega-straight-up-thirsty version (thanks, AZ!). I’m testing out the Age Defy Body Wash by Olay. It’s widely known to be one of the most intensely moisturizing body washes on the market, so I’ve got high hopes.

olay body wash soft skin dry skin phoenix az dry

*this stuff is like HEAVEN for my skin

I brush my teeth as I wait for the water to warm up (dancing to more Demi, because obviously she’s amazing), and then get in. I reach for the Olay Body Wash and it comes out onto my loofah like body lotion. I’m a bit apprehensive, but all of that goes away when I begin to wash and it suds up beautifully. It smells fresh and clean but more so – feels incredible. Like I’m showering with a soap-lotion hybrid.

Next, I go for my next November trial – the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash. You guys, dry flaky scalp in the winter is a very real thing — and it’s a very real not cute thing. I’m using this co-wash preventatively at this point and love how it makes my hair feel like second-day hair: not too squeaky clean, but still easy to manage and deeply hydrated. It’ll also help keep the waves I plan on styling in later. *After breakfast. Cause, you know, priorities. Before I rinse it out I make a mohawk out of my sudsy locks. Bummer – it falls right down. But hey, I felt cool for a minute there!

co wash dry hair brittle hair no shampoo conditioner phoenix az

I get out of the shower and begin my skincare routine: a light exfoliation and tons of moisturizer (with SPF!). Today is a shopping day – but first, bagels with Husband at Wildflower Bakery (a Phoenix institution) up the street. I like having a little bit of ‘face’ on – so I grab my CC cream and use my fingers to blend it in. It needs time to set so I grab today’s outfit: coated black skinny jeans (love that leather look), an oversized black sweater and simple pointed toe black flats. By the time I’m dressed, I decide it’s a good idea to help my damp hair along with the dryer and rough dry my hair.

My CC cream has set and my skin is looking pretty bomb. I’m gonna keep it simple today with just the basics: a little under-eye concealer (I did just wake up at 7AM, thank you very much) followed by a swipe of tinted lip balm. By the time Husband is out of the shower and ready to go, I’m applying the second coat of my new CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara. This is my cardinal rule of makeup: if you’re going to go bare – don’t skimp on your lashes. Your eyes are the stars of your face and just a few seconds with your volumizing mascara like this one from CG will make all the difference. It’s amazing how a double hit of mascara makes me look so much more pulled together.

mascara easy quick covergirl makeup phoenix az blogger

I grab my bag and with a final spritz of perfume, I’m ready to go!

QOTD: What’s your morning routine like? Are you struggling keeping your skin soft and supple in this cold weather too? Tell me your secrets in the comments – and don’t forget that your comment acts as an entry into winning all of these products!

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