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One of the biggest plus size swimsuit trends for 2018 is the cheeky swimsuit – and let me tell you, it’s intimidating AF. My lower half being so much bigger than my top half was such a source of insecurity for so long for me… I can’t even imagine what the me of 10 years ago would think of this trend. Thankfully, with age (and a sh!t ton of therapy and self help books) I’ve gotten to a place of acceptance in my body, and even embracing it in it’s imperfect state to the point that not only can I enjoy partaking in this trend, I can have photos taken to immortalize it on the internet. All this to say… no matter where you are in your self love journey – whether it’s your chapter one, chapter twenty or chapter seventy-five… keep learning, keep growing, keep striving for self acceptance – and know that if I can do it, so can you.

swimsuit via fashion nova | hair accessory from a street vendor in santa monica photos by nichole alex | hair by stephanie eloise

#fashionnova #cheeky #swimweek #bikini #marble

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