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Caped Crusader

If you’ve been a longtime reader of SG, you know how I feel about the transformative power of fashion. A swimsuit that turns you into a gladiator, a skirt that makes you a princess… and now, a blazer that changes you into a superhero.

It’s no secret that this year has been the hardest one of my life – from a terrifying car accident (that I am thankful everyday I walked away from) to breaking up with a friend. From the loss of my husband’s grandmother and more recently, the loss of my dog, Harley (who was effectively my son – and one of the most important people in my life).

Since April, it has been blow after blow. At times, I wondered what more the Universe could throw my way… and more, at what point I would break. The future, most nights, seemed like a black hole leading nowhere. I could see glimpses, like faint stars against a velvet night, a trillion miles away. But they would fade away and the black would return.

I have to remind myself: every hero goes through a dark period. A time when they’re up against the wall, when hope seems impossible, when you wonder how the hell she’s going to get herself out of that one.

And that blacker-than-black moment when you’re convinced all is lost is the moment your hero fights back. Against all odds, she finds a way back into the light.

I tried to – am still trying to – find the reason for my challenges this year. What is there to learn? When will I be back in the light? How on earth am I supposed to get through this?

I don’t have all the answers. But what I do have is a jacket.

A jacket with a cape that makes me feel like a superhero. It makes me feel like a hero that can face her challenges head on and fight like hell. One that appreciates the life she has – and honor the ones she has lost, holding them in her heart, every single day.

I have a jacket that inspires me. To do more. Try harder. Be better.

I might fail some days. Some days, I will be victorious. But on days I need an extra boost, I’ll wear my caped blazer and feel just a bit stronger.

jeans c/o city chic {similar} | tank via target | caped blazer via lavish alice | heels via old, from zara {love these!} | bag via chanel

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