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One of the highlights of my Australia trip was staying at this incredible AirBnB. This two-story villa (called the Cactus Rose Villa) was beyond beautiful. Bohemian decor runs throughout and takes you to another world. In between running around Byron, meditating in an amethyst cave, getting tattoos and going to a punk rock show (… yeah, we had quite the diverse time), it was so lovely to be able to come back to this peaceful oasis.

I spent as much time as possible in the pool wearing one of my favorite bikini purchases of the year: this bikini from Aerie. It’s a blush pink that somehow makes my tan look even darker and is so comfortable. The best part is that it’s totally affordable, with both pieces coming in at $20, respectively. I also paired my (coming soon) ASTRA tropical kimono (which I have been wearing non-stop, sorry not sorry) for some added drama.

bikini | aerie // kimono | astra

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