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Back in Black

Ahh, home sweet home. This is my go-to. This is my happy place. This is the look that makes me feel like I own the world. It’s equal parts rockstar attitude and feminine and I could wear it every single day.

If you remember last week’s post about being fearful of wearing a white plus size bodycon dress, you’ll remember that I talked a lot about my security blanket. Well, this is it. I wanted to bring it up to remind you that while I believe that it’s SO important to challenge ourselves a bit every single day (outfit-wise AND in life) I believe it’s also equally important to wear things that feel like home. Sometimes the knowledge that something works for you and feels comfortable can give you the strength to tackle other challenges in your life. Case in point: I’ve been going through some health issues lately that have been causing a good bit of stress. It seemed like I was a human pincushion at the doctor’s office, and truly… 4 doctor visits in 5 days for 2 weeks was starting to bring me down. But on the last day (the ‘let’s talk about your blood test results’ day) … I wore this. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but I knew I wanted to feel as strong as possible, as comfortable about myself as possible – and like a best friend, this outfit delivered.

I will forever preach about the power of fashion.

black body con via city chic | heels via michael kors {old, just bought these!} | cropped moto jacket via target | necklace via baublebar {old, new version} | sunnies via quay

Do you have a ‘feels like home’ outfit? What do you wear when you’re nervous and need to calm your nerves? Tell me below in the comments!

#dress #classic #black #simple #bodycon #moto

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