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Every once in a while, you come across a garment that tells you what it wants from you. When I opened my box from Torrid and saw this olive dress (better than I expected it to be) it told me to put it on and go adventuring. So that’s exactly what we did. With my photographer and dear friend Nichole by my side, we set out to find something new, beautiful and raw. Coming across this cliff wall was more than I could have ever expected. I called it ‘The Wave Wall’. Normally, when you look at cliffs and canyons, you’ll see color stripes in horizontal lines showing the passing of time. But here – the lines run up the canyon, as if the ocean had carved it out in one fell swoop, with a wave strong enough to leave an impression in the earth for all time.

There was so much magic in this spot – and honestly, it was hard to narrow down our little photo session to just these 5 photos (more exclusively on my Instagram) – not because of me, and how I looked in this dress (which, by the way, made me absolutely feel like an earth goddess) but because I can’t stop staring at this natural marvel. While we were exploring the area, other hikers and passerbys didn’t stop and stare like we did – and I couldn’t believe it! I want to encourage you to look past your screen and really see the details of the world around you. This earth truly is an incredible place.

dress via torrid // earrings & bracelets via bauble bar photography by nichole alex

#boho #olivegreen #torrid

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