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5 Things To Help You Get Through The Holidays

Whether you’re staying at home for the holidays, or traveling like I am, it can be a pretty stressful time. Of course it’s wonderful to spend time with friends and family – or enjoy the peace and quiet if you’re solo – it’s still important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself! Here are 5 things I think will help you get through all of the Christmasy activities while keeping your sanity in check.

dior lip balm lip glow splurge

Fancy Lip Balm I know it might seem a bit silly, but I always feel a bit better when I use my fancy lip balm. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would pay this much for something that is the equivalent of Chapstick – but honestly, it’s a completely different experience. The color adjusts to my lips (meaning I always look pulled together) and the moisture lasts forever. Try it our for yourself: Dior Lip Glow

hanes hosiery tights pantyhose

An Extra Pack of Hanes Tights It’s definitely dress season! And to fight off the chill I almost always layer black tights underneath my holiday frocks. Unfortunately, life happens (a snag, a puppy jumping up on you with untrimmed nails, etc) and it can really be such a pain to have to deal with a run in your tights. I always keep a spare set of Hanes tights (opaque or sheer) in my purse – just in case. Avoid snags! Try Hanes Tights (and don’t forget an extra pair for your bag!)

city chic furry cardigan plus size

A “Goes With Everything” Cardigan Look, we’ve all been there. You’re swimming along, eating snacks and playing with your nieces and nephews, and you look down at your shirt — where did that stain come from!? Gahh! Be prepared and keep your favorite cardigan in your bag. It’ll go with your outfit and make sure you don’t feel self-conscious about that dark mark on your shirt. (seriously, what is that though?!) I’m obsessed with this black City Chic Furry Cardigan. Here’s a light colored one (shown above)

calm app stress relief meditation

Keep Calm So you’ve got your fancy lip balm, you’re ready if you get a run in your tights and stains aren’t going to ruin your holiday. You’re all set on the fashion front. But I wanted to encourage you guys to download this app if things get a bit overwhelming. As women, we can come up against extra scrutiny at family get togethers. The barrage of criticism can be a bit much: “Why aren’t you married yet?” “Why don’t you have kids?” “Ohh, you’ve gained a bit of weight… are you sure you want to eat that?” Here’s my advice: don’t get mad. Don’t internalize. Don’t beat yourself up. Here’s where this handy app I’m sharing with you comes in. When things are overwhelming or you feel upset, excuse yourself. Find a room where you can have a few minutes alone (it might even be the bathroom) and quietly turn on the app. The guided meditation will help you find calm in the chaos – and taking a few minutes to remove yourself from a negative situation and reset – can help you survive those get-togethers. Download Calm for your iPhone – or visit the website for a preview.

frends taylor headphones expensive splurge fancy music

Stylish Headphones If meditation isn’t your thing, but you’ve got a go-to track that makes you feel mellow (or strong, to deal with all of that holiday craziness) – make sure you bring your stylish headphones. You’re a stylish babe (obviously, if you’re reading this blog on Christmas Eve) so bring your unique style all the way up to your ears. I don’t leave the house without my stylish headphones from Frends – and I’m always surprised at how much I use them and how convenient it is to have a pair to whip out when I need to. Not to mention the compliments I get on them. Totally worth the splurge. Rock your tunes like a Fashionista with FRENDS Taylor Headphones.

Do you have any tips for getting through the holidays? Leave them below! OR – vent about your holiday stresses. This is a safe place and we’re all here to support each other.

Thank you to Hanes for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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