I’m an LA based fashion babe with a serious case of wanderlust. I started this blog in August of 2014 to share my love of fashion and travel with the world. I was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to Phoenix when I met the man who would change my world. Nick came out of nowhere; a tall, dark, handsome stranger – and swept me off my feet (literally!). We’ve worked together in the IT industry for years where I built my career with a focus in small business marketing and website development.

      While I absolutely loved my small business clients, my heart always wished for a life in the fashion industry. But it proved near impossible. Being plus sized meant “no” after “no” at every twist and turn. Sometimes Glam was my way of making it on my own. I believe so deeply that if you look good, you feel good and I felt like my true calling was showing other women how they can feel beautiful through fashion. My style is definitely classic with a bohemian twist, inspired by my life in Los Angeles and my travels.

      I ended up in Los Angeles by chasing another dream: to be a fashion designer. Despite being obsessed with fashion for my whole adult life, I felt like very few retailers offered what I dreamed of: a wardrobe of whimsical, beach-y, classic and power pieces that would get me through everything in life: from a Hawaiian vacation, to a yoga retreat, to a business lunch in the city and beyond. Hence, ASTRA was born. And it’s a dream come true to be able to work on it every day.

      While here, you’ll find a heavy dose of plus size fashion and beautiful beaches… the most important thing is that you’ll get a constant reminder that if you look good – you feel good and if you feel good… you can conquer the world.



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